Shōganji Zen Retreat

Experience authentic Zen temple life in rural Japan

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COVID travel unpredictability?
We are offering booking flexibility and transferability of deposits!
Book now to guarantee your preferred dates!
Change them if necessary without losing your deposit.
Availability now!

We have also changed our minimum stay to 3 NIGHTS, instead of 5, for more flexibility.

Request and reserve your preferred dates now:

Please read this entire page carefully before booking your stay. We also recommend you familiarize yourself with the entire website. Most topics and common questions are covered somewhere within the website. This helps us a lot! Thank you!



JPY 8,500
per night / per person / 2 delicious meals a day included
(Convert Y8500 to your currency using these links: $USD  $AUD  EURO   $CDN)

Minimum !3! night stay. Maximum 30 night stay.
Rates include food, lodging, and all on-site activities!

Prices noted are exact. There are no additional fees or taxes.


How To Book A Stay

  1. Ask us about your preferred dates at or by contacting Pierre on Facebook.
  2. Complete the Guest Application Questionnaire below including your pre-approved dates. This can either be copied and pasted into an email or typed out in any format and sent to us at
  3. Deposit payment to confirm your stay of Y1000 per night.  Pay Your Deposit Here. Be sure to select the correct number of nights once you have entered the PayPal system.

Once Your Stay is Confirmed please read and print the following page:  Arrival Day at the Retreat.  It is also a good idea to read: Guest Orientation. The balance due should be paid directly to the retreat in cash, in person, at the time of your stay. Please do not pay it in advance. See chart below for exact amounts corresponding to the length of your stay.


Guest Application Questionnaire

Complete the application below for each guest or family.
Please email us the completed questionnaire at
We will get back to you, usually within 24 hours, and confirm your stay.
We reserve the right to refuse any applicant.

Guest Name(s):
Country of Residence:
Nationality (passport/citizenship):
Passport number(s):
Telephone number(s) (at home, intl cellphone, or in Japan):
Languages spoken:
Previous Experience with Buddhism or Meditation (not required):
Personal expectations from your stay (not required):
Duration of Stay: 00 nights
Preferred dates of stay: checkin date:           Checkout date:
Dietary restrictions or preferences:
Health Issues/Medical Conditions:
Emergency Contact:

Click Here to Pay Your Deposit.


Essential Booking Information

  • 5 night minimum stay requirement for all guests.  *
  • 30-night maximum stay.  Longer stays considered upon request. *
  • OFF-Site Activities are optional and may involve additional cost.  *
  • Payments of balance are generally made in cash once at the retreat.  *
  • Rates shown are for ONE GUEST, not one room. There is no reduction in cost if you choose to share a room. *

* For additional explanation of these points see our FAQ section.

Rooms are always private in the sense that we never put strangers together in the same room. Although you do have the option to share a room with your travel companion(s) if you choose. Bathrooms are shared, however.

Seasonal Considerations are discussed at the bottom of this page.  Be aware of these before you book!

Travel VISA Assistance?  Citizens of certain countries may need a formal invitation and other assistance to obtain a travel visa to visit Japan.  Learn more HERE.

By booking a stay at Shōganji Zen Retreat and choosing to stay at Shōganji Zen Retreat you agree to and consent to the Zen Retreat Waiver of Liability.

Once Your Stay is Confirmed please read and print the following page:  Arrival Day at the Retreat.  It is also a good idea to read: Guest Orientation.


Payment Chart

# of nights     –    total cost   –    deposit    –   total amount due at time of stay
5 nights stay       Y 42,500          Y 5,000         Y 37,500
6 nights stay       Y 51,000          Y 6,000         Y 45,000
7 nights stay       Y 59,500          Y 7,000         Y 52,500
8 nights stay       Y 68,000          Y 8,000         Y 60,000
9 nights stay       Y 76,500          Y 9,000         Y 67,500
10 night stay       Y 85,000          Y10,000       Y 75,000
11 night stay       Y 93,500          Y11,000       Y 82,500
12 night stay       Y 102,000        Y12,000       Y 90,000
13 night stay       Y110,500         Y13,000       Y 97,000
14 night stay       Y119,000         Y14,000       Y105,000
15 night stay      Y127,500         Y15,000       Y112,500
16 night stay      Y136,000         Y16,000       Y120,000
17 night stay      Y144,500         Y17,000       Y127,500
18 night stay      Y153,000         Y18,000       Y135,000
19 night stay      Y161,500         Y19,000       Y142,500
20 night stay      Y170,000         Y20,000       Y150,000
21 night stay      Y178,500         Y21,000       Y157,500
22 night stay      Y187,000         Y22,000       Y165,000
23 night stay      Y195,500         Y23,000       Y172,500
24 night stay      Y204,000         Y24,000       Y180,000
25 night stay      Y212,500         Y25,000       Y187,500
26 night stay      Y221,000         Y26,000       Y195,000
27 night stay      Y229,500         Y27,000       Y202,500
28 night stay      Y238,000         Y28,000       Y210,000
29 night stay      Y246,500         Y29,000       Y217,500
30 night stay      Y255,000         Y30,000       Y225,000

Click Here to Pay Your Deposit.

yufuin ricefield

I’m Pierre Black, Zen Retreat’s Online Coordinator. I’m a naturopath and healer, and have spent a total of 2 years living at Shōganji.

When I’m at Zen Retreat, I teach yoga, cook, and help facilitate the Shōganji Zen Retreat experience for guests. 

If you would like more detailed, personalized live assistance toward planning your trip, meditation coaching, or additional preparation for your time at Zen Retreat, we can arrange a live video session together. Click Here to schedule your live video session.

I’m always here ‘virtually’ to help you navigate this very special Japanese cultural experience. All questions and booking inquiries can be directed to

Ask me anything. I’m here to help. 🙂

Pierre Black, Zen Retreat online coordinator

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