Shōganji Zen Retreat

Experience authentic Zen temple life in rural Japan


“Purpose in life is found in the actualization of others.”  

– Jiho Kongo, Shoganji Zen Retreat

 Jiho Kongo has an extensive and diverse background in Rinzai Buddhism. Born the eldest son of a Rinzai Zen family, Jiho inherited the responsibility of a monastic life. His first period of monastic practice after the completion of university was at Japan’s strictest monastery, Shogen-Ji, in Gifu Prefecture. imageSince then he has practiced at Kyoto’s Myoshin-Ji and Empukuki, Bairinji, in Fukuoka Prefecture, and Manju-Ji in Oita. Traveling to different monasteries has allowed Jiho to meet many Zen masters. In doing so he has broadened his knowledge of and perspective on Buddhism. Jiho has also traveled abroad with the hope of learning about other ways of life and cultures, in turn passing on his experience as a Buddhist monk. He taught Zen in Victoria, Canada where he lived for two years. He has also visited Australia, England, China, Taiwan, India and Tibet. Jiho’s unique experience in both Japan and abroad, has allowed him to develop a deep humility from which he passes on his teachings. His dedication to spiritual evolution is communicated by his commitment to not only teach, but also to learn from his students.


Coordinator, Pierre Ferguson Black

Pierre is a multidisciplinary naturopath and healer from Montreal, 308185_186200228127509_1658138463_nCanada and has spent extended periods living at Shōganji since 2007, acting as general assistant and on-site coordinator. He now serves as general administrator for Zen Retreat, handling all online bookings and inquiries for the retreat.

While at Shoganji, Pierre provides Kriya Yoga classes free of charge, healing sessions for guests and locals, and general assistance at the retreat. Pierre is also an avid cook and always brings some new and exciting flavors to the retreat. Watch for upcoming dates!

“It is my great pleasure to facilitate this unique life experience for guests from all over the world. My time at Shōganji has been life changing. I now understand the definition of the term ‘spiritual home’ – Shōganji is that for me.” – Pierre Black  




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