Shōganji Zen Retreat

Experience authentic Zen temple life in rural Japan

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We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the entire website before contacting us. Most topics and common questions are covered somewhere within the website. This helps us a lot! Thank you!


Primary email address for applications, confirmations, general inquiries:

It is essential to confirm your dates of stay in advance and submit the completed APPLICATION by email.  Once your stay is confirmed please read and print the following page: Arrival Day at The Retreat.

For pickup or assistance once you are in Japan please call Jiho at:
097 575 2150 or 090 9496 0648
(please do not call for general information if you are overseas, please email us instead!)

Our mailing address at Zen Retreat is:

Shōganji Zen Temple,
Jiho Kongo,
269 Shūki
Ōita-shi, Ōita-ken,
879-2115, JAPAN

making umeboshi


I’m Pierre Black, Zen Retreat’s Online Coordinator. I’m a naturopath and healer, and have spent a total of 2 years living at Shōganji.

When I’m at Zen Retreat, I teach yoga, cook, and help facilitate the Shōganji Zen Retreat experience for guests. 

If you would like more detailed, personalized live assistance toward planning your trip, meditation coaching, or additional preparation for your time at Zen Retreat, we can arrange a live video session together. Click Here to schedule your live video session.

I’m always here ‘virtually’ to help you navigate this very special Japanese cultural experience. All questions and booking inquiries can be directed to

Ask me anything. I’m here to help. 🙂

Pierre Black, Zen Retreat online coordinator


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