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Your Zen Life

Your Zen Life – Resources Before and After Your Stay…

Many guests have asked us about resources in preparation for their stay, as well as for continued practice and study after their stay at our little Zen retreat.  This might include books, study resources, training tools, carefully selected products.


Essential reading before your arrival at the retreat: Arrival Day at the Retreat and
Guest Orientation.

How to practice Zen meditation: The following links will help you understand how to practice Zazen (Zen meditation). A superb, detailed guide to zazen can be found here in english, and here in japanese. Keep in mind that we are not nearly so strict, but these videos will guide you in the right direction regardless of your level of experience. Just do your best.


Live video consultation and training with online coordinator Pierre Black.

profilepic2018.jpgPrepare for your stay at Shōganji Zen Retreat with a live video consultation.

  • Personalized trip and travel planning.
  • Answer your questions and concerns about meditation practice and life at the retreat.
  • Discuss the practicalities and challenges of meditation in English with an experienced practitioner.

Book now. Y5000 for one hour live video session.


Inspiration from the shop…


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